Do you have activities for youth?

Yes! We have groups that meet on Sunday mornings, as well as during the week. See our Children and Youth page for more information.

What sorts of outreach programs can I be involved in?

St. Helen's sponsors a group of 10 Syrian Refugees. Visit the Syrian Refugee page to get up to date information on the newcomers, and to see how you can help.

Also visit our Neighbourhood Ministry page to learn about our collaborative street outreach and involvement with the residents of the Dunbar Supportive Housing apartments!

Can I rent any of the rooms at St Helen's for special events?
Absolutely. Visit the Rentals page on this website for more information. Or feel free to call the Parish Administrator.

Is St Helen's Wheelchair accessible?
The church, hall and washrooms are all fully accessible. 

Can I make an appointment to see a clergy person?
Yes. Rev. Scott Gould's office is always open. Please make an appointment through the parish office.

How can I contribute?

Time & Talent- Check out the Ministries page. There are also many other ways to join the St. Helen's community, including: Sanctuary Guild, Counters, Ushers, Coffee Hosts, Readers, Greeters, Lay Administrator, Intercessor, Acolyte, Cruficer.

Treasure- Visit the Give page. Please call the Parish Office for details on donating items. 


What time are services?
We have two Sunday morning services: an 8:00am Traditional spoken service and a 10:00am Family and Music Service.

Does St Helen's have hearing assistance devices?
Yes. Please see an usher or greeter when you arrive.

Do I have to be Anglican to attend? What if I'm not baptized?
We welcome people of all backgrounds, whether you be Anglican, other Christian denominations or from other religious faith. You are always welcome at our services. If you would like to explore baptism in the Anglican faith, Rev. Scott would be happy to discuss it with you.

What if I don't know the worship traditions (standing, sitting, kneeling, etc.)?
No problem. Our community, like most others, enjoys a rich tradition of customs that accompany our worship. Most of them are simple and easy to follow and many of the instructions are printed in our leaflet (a paper booklet you receive when entering the sanctuary). Though integral to the Christian service, the "sits and stands" are only secondary to our worship. The primary focus is on coming together in friendship and humility to praise the Creator.

Can I come once or twice to see if I like it?
Definitely! Our doors are always open.

What should I wear?
St Helen's boasts a variety of worship attire - some in suits and ties, some in shorts and t-shirts. Everyone is welcome in God's house, no matter your style.

Can I sit anywhere in the church, or is there set seating?
Every seat is up for grabs. Please sit wherever you feel most comfortable.

Can I bring my children to church?
Please do! We offer Sunday school during the 10am service.

Am I expected to give money?
Not at all. A brass plate pass by you during the offering/collection portion of the service, but this is completely optional. Many parishioners choose to make their contributions through direct deposit or in other forms of giving. If you would like to contribute to the ministries at St Helen, feel free to speak to a church leader after the service.

What's the music like?
Our 10am Service has plenty of music - some sung by our wonderful 12-voice choir, and lots sung by everyone in the congregation too. Our music team uses organ, piano, guitar, drum and flute. Please let us know if you would like to join in music leadership at St Helen - choir members and instrumentalists are all welcome!

Do I need to tell someone I'm coming, or can I just show up?
You can just show up!

How long does a service last?
Services at 8:00am are usually about 45-60 minutes. 10am service is usually finished by 11:15am.