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A panel discussion with The Reverend Scott Gould, Neurologist Lynn Raymond, MD, PhD

and panelists Dr. Kristin Laurin (Psychologist), Dr. Harry O. Maier (Theologian), and Swan (Yogi)

A reception will follow.

The 90 minute panel discussion will focus on a thesis developed by Reverend Gould:

Thesis: “The Spiritual Practice of Jesus”

The gospels portray Jesus engaged in a spiritual practice which empowers him in ministry. A defining characteristic of the practice is that of ‘stilling the storm’, avoiding all triggering of the ‘default’ fight or flight mechanism or fear circuit. ‘Stilling the storm’ is a doorway to the ‘peace of Christ’ which focuses on learning a ‘new default’, a ‘second birth’ through practices such as radical forgiveness to higher consciousness and spiritual freedom focused in cortical brain activity.

The spiritual practice of Jesus has been passed down through the apostolic tradition of Christianity, is available to all, forms the basis of traditional worship, prayer, and contemplative practices and intersects with spiritual practices of other traditions.

After an initial presentation by Rev. Gould and Dr. Raymond, each panelist will be invited to respond from the perspective of their discipline and then questions and comments will be invited from the audience.

All are invited to continue conversations in a reception following.