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"Once we have left the inn and found the stable, there is a place of simplicity we come to in which a whole new kind of perfect innocence is possible - and perfect celebration.  It is out back here, in this little Christmas place that Christ will be reborn again this year.  Not where we meant him to be born, not in the five star perfection of our Christmas ideal, but here, now.  A place of nakedness, of vulnerability, of tiny flames kindled against the cold and the darkness, it is a place of awesome wonder, this rough sawn stopping place on our required journey.  We would not have planned to come here.  We had planned to go someplace much tidier, safer, better furnished.  Yet miraculously, here we are.  Smelling hay and animals and childbirth and thanking God that we have found our way.  Or that He has found us, found our way, His way to us here."