1Kings 2:1-12, Mark 9:2-9

It is that ‘still small voice’ that I invite everyone to listen for in preparing for Lent.  Find a time and place where you can have complete solitude.  Nobody around.  No distractions. Nobody to look after.  Nothing electronic to play with.  Turn off the lights even. Or go be out in an actual cave or beach or forest or mountain top if you’ve got one.  Wrap your face in your mantle and  stand at the mouth of the cave with Elijah.  Listen for the still small voice.  If it doesn’t come that day, try again the next. You may hear the voice without knowing immediately what it is saying to you. Stay with that. Listen as long as you need to.  Wait for the Lord.  Bear in mind that He won’t be in the storm wind or the earthquake or the fire but in the sound of sheer silence.  You may need to be very still to hear it.  The voice is easily missed, it is so still and small.  It is probably speaking to us now.  When you hear it you will know the answer to this question:  “What are you doing here Elijah?”