Congratulations on your decision to be married!  We are honoured that you are considering St. Helen’s for your wedding. Our hope at St. Helen’s is that your wedding may be a holy, joyful, and memorable occasion, so please do not hesitate to call us as questions or concerns arise.  We pray that the celebration of the sacrament of Holy Matrimony will mark the beginning of a shared life of love together.

The Steps

  • Couple contacts the church (
  • Administrator answers initial questions and then directs them to the Rector
  • Rector meets with couple, determines if the wedding will be at St. Helen’s and the the wedding date.
  • Couple returns Wedding Application Form to church, and will follow up with Administrator to complete rental contract (if having a reception in the Hall).
  • Couple attends marriage prep courses
  • Couple meets with Rector to go over service in detail
  • Wedding Rehearsal
  • Wedding

The Role of the Priest

The Priest (Rector) will meet with the couple to determine whether or not he can marry them, by both civil and ecclesiastical requirements. It is at this meeting that approval is given for the wedding, the date is secured on the church calendar and initial service details are discussed. The couple will meet with the Rector about a month before their wedding to go over the service in detail and to explore the spiritual and theological implications of their marriage.

Marriage Preparation Courses

The Anglican Church requires a marriage preparation course. We recommend The Marriage Project that prepares the couple with practical skills to merge their lives together (see brochure for information and dates).    


The main church seats 300, and the chapel seats 35. The Hall, a great place for receptions, can hold 189 people. All facilities are handicap accessible.