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The Attic Treasures table, not to be mistaken for a White Elephant table, is where you’ll find items worth collecting. Judy, a long-time Attic Treasures Booth-er says the items are, “funky and frivolous, keepsakes that are looking for a good new home". Being one of the biggest tables at the Bazaar, you can find anything from one-of- a-kind tea cups to silver platters to framed prints. Judy remembers the two most unusual things sold at the table, “last year we had a mink coat and a couple of years ago we had an amazing table lamp shaped like a cow”. What will be there this year? The only way to find out is to stop by the Holly Bazaar, November 26th at 11am!

Picture: Ellie sporting the mink coat at last year's Holly Bazaar.