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"It was quite an honour!" Those were Alf's words after he was made a member of the Order of the Diocese of New Westminster (ODNW) on Sunday November 1. In recognition of their outstanding service to the church, sixty-six new members were created in the investiture service, which was led by Bishop Melissa Skelton and took place at Massey Theatre in New Westminster.

The ODNW investiture service is a great occasion every year and this was no exception. Clergy, ODNW members, and parishioners from almost every parish were present.

At the heart of the celebration is the incredible dedication of so many lay ministers in Christ's church. Everyone at St. Helen's knows the amazing ministry given by Alf here. He's a mainstay of Sunday morning services, in funerals, of the sound systems, cares for the parish hall and the building in numerous ways, is a leading light in hosptality ministries of all kinds at St. Helen's and is often here when no one else is. He wins our admiration and gratitude in so many ways. Wow. Thanks Alf! An honour well deserved.