The Four Directions Prayer

Prayed by the late Rev. Vivian Seagers, who was the leader of the Urban Aboriginal Minstry in the Diocese of New Westminster.

The Doctrine of Discovery

Created by the Anglican Church of Canada, the purpose of this film is to respond to the calls to action by helping to provide education and insight into the racist foundations of many of our property and other laws still in existence to this day.
Reconciliation Toolkit
from the Anglican Church of Canada


For more than three decades, the Anglican Church of Canada has been on a journey of listening, truth-telling, repentance and healing with Indigenous Peoples, both within and outside the church. There is an urgent need for further healing and justice-seeking across the land, and we all have a role to play.

Apologies from the Anglican Church of Canada
Archbishop, Primate Michael Pears apologized in 1993. Archbishop, Primate Fred Hiltz apologized in 2019.

The Diocese of New Westminster and Indian Residential Schools

The Diocese of New Westminster has had a long relationship with First Nations people on whose land it settled. The relationship has been made very complicated by the damages done to First Nations peoples through the systemic evil of the residential schools.  In very complex ways, this systemic evil was able to corrupt even the best of Christian intentions and has left a legacy of injustice activated by complex and conflicting motivations. 

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Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action

What is Reconciliation?

Murray Sinclair, chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission




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