St. Helen’s mission is to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to all people. We are ordinary men and women who have become extraordinary through God’s love of us in Christ.

Our aim is to testify and witness to the presence and leading of God’s Spirit in our midst and in the life of the community in which we live. St. Helen’s seeks to be a loving, nurturing, and supporting fellowship of faith for all people. We exist to serve the building of God’s Kingdom in this time and place through worship, education, fellowship and service.


The Anglican Church

The Anglican Church is a community of worshiping Christians, with more than 70 million members around the world.  In Canada our church is called the Anglican Church of Canada.  In other countries, it is known as the Church of England or Episcopal Church.

The Anglican Church is divided into regional groupings called “dioceses”.  Each diocese has its own bishop (or bishops), who have the overall responsibility for the spiritual well-being and administration of the churches, or "parishes", within the area.

St. Helen's West Point Grey is a parish of the Diocese of New Westminster, which encompasses over 70 churches across the Lower Mainland. The diocese is led by Bishop Melissa Skelton.