"Over 20 years ago, our family made St. Helen's our home. We felt welcome from the start and now consider our fellow parishioners among our closest friends. Our two daughters were raised in their spiritual growth at St. Helen's, thanks to a loving and dedicated crew of volunteer teachers, and my husband has gone on to become an ordained deacon and part of the clergy team. Our family has taken an active role in many ministries, especially outreach, and feel blessed by the love and support we feel from the parish in these efforts." -Vicki

"St. Helen's has been our spiritual home since we were married over 25 years ago. Our three daughters were all baptized here and grew up in the nurturing, educational, and just plain fun Sunday School and Youth programs. This culminated a few years ago with a life-changing pilgrimage to Taize, France to worship with thousands of other youth from all over the world. St. Helen's is a loving, generous and open community that has nourished and supported us through both our major life events, and the joys and challenges of our daily lives." - Monica and Dale

"We chose to make St. Helen's our home after moving to Vancouver because it's a great fit for our family. The Godly Play program, for our children, gives them an engaging way to explore the stories of our faith. I love singing and playing with the choir- we do interesting repertoire under very skilled direction. The community is small but devoted and caring, so we don't feel lost in the crowd. Reverend Gould brings great warmth and beauty to his preaching and ministry. Our family has made wonderful friends here and St. Helen's is an anchor of support for us." -Alison